Security Design is one of the most intricate parts of Security Consulting which encompasses Physical Security and Technical Design. Weather evaluating Physical Layers of Protection from site boundaries to asset areas; Electronic Components (CCTV and Electronic Sensors) back to Security Operations Centers; or transmitting Electronic Security System (ESS) computer network signals across Local Area Networks/Wide Area Networks/Cloud Configurations thorough designs must be implemented to ensure that gaps in security system platforms are reduced or eliminated altogether. Security Designs are influenced by many things such as site topology, environment, infrastructure (communication and electrical), organizational climate and industry regulations.

Are you in the process of planning a Physical or Technical Design; or have run into issues while installing a security system?

CTCH can assist in either case by helping design security systems (Physical and Technical) that truly benefit your organizations security posture and can help you get a project that seems to be failing back on track.

Have you implemented Protection In-Depth Security Designs and Balanced Protection that takes into account site operations?

CTCH’s lead consultant has designed Physical Security Postures that create layered protection platforms by studying client needs, evaluating asset values, identifying organizational throughput (temporal and spatial) and evaluating logic diagrams and fault trees. This ensures that components such as barriers (natural and man-made), doors, locks, walls, windows and ceilings all prevent/delay adversarial breaches.

Have you design Electronic Security Systems that take into account site layouts and computer network requirements?

CTCH’s lead consultant has also designed Electronic Security Systems (ESS) Network Enterprises from field devices to monitoring stations (Standalone, Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN)). CCTV Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Access Control Systems and Duress Systems (exterior/interior) must be designed so that they can expanded and maintained.
With CTCH’s expert guidance you can expect your Security Design efforts to remain on budget and to protect assets as intended. Contact us if you think that CTCH can add value to your design efforts or retrofit-integration efforts.