Security Risk Assessments and Site Surveys are paramount to the security management process.  Both efforts measure security operating environments but both are completely different.  Security Risk Assessments are centered on identifying critical assets and the probability of different threats exploiting security vulnerabilities (Administrative, Physical, Technical and Cyber).  Site Surveys, on the other hand, are centered on gathering key site security requirements before moving toward resolving security issues through the procurement process.

Security Risk Assessments

Security Risk Assessments are performed to measure the effectiveness of an existing security posture.  The Scope of Work related to the security risk assessment will drive the amount of expertise that will be needed to perform a value-based assessment.  Security Risk Assessments are performed on organizational assets that are located in centralized and decentralized settings.  There are many tools, best practices and regulatory policies that are used to conduct security risk assessments.

Do you need to measure the effectiveness of your organization’s security posture (management, physical, technical and cyber)?

CTCH can help you reach your security goals by implementing it Security Risk Assessment Management Framework (SRAMF) which is centered on years of experience of conducting Security Risk Assessments in different formats and within different operating environments.  The SRAMF that CTCH implements enables stakeholders to holistically evaluate security risk and vulnerabilities; and addresses these risk and vulnerabilities through phased mitigation and leverage practices.  Which ultimately helps organization address security risks in an economical fashion.

Site Surveys

Site Surveys Are normally the result of a Security Risk Assessment; or in some instances may take the place of a security risk assessment, depending on client needs.  Site Surveys are goal oriented and are used to gather key security requirements when moving toward a security procurement effort (RFQ, RFI, RFP or IFB) that is related to a new construction or retrofit (integration) effort.  The survey will identify logical paths associated with security planning and installation.

Have you identified all of your security requirements as you move towards a RFQ, RFI, RFP or IFB during new construction or security retrofit efforts?

CTCH’s lead consultant has work with different project teams to conduct site surveys.  CTCH’s site survey efforts are centered identifying all requirements (regulatory and site specific) that could have major effects on a security project.  This helps stakeholders formulate budges associated with physical security asset hardening and technical security implementation.  CTCH is able to conduct its surveys by being aware of the numerous factors associated with security upgrades.

If you would like to evaluate your existing security posture or if you are moving toward a procurement effort, or if you have run into a choke point during your project effort, contact CTCH so that we can help get your security program or project back on track.  CTCH has worked with numerous organizations to identify security shortfalls and has help designed some of the most intricate security systems.

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